Pol O'Shea

Built For Comfort  Guitar, Production
Hound Dog  Guitar
Stormy Monday  Guitar, Production
Summertime  Bass

Pol is a very well respected Musician and Producer.  Who doesn't remember "The Duck"?

As the Executive Producer at  Turingal StudiosPol has recorded and produced many classy acts, including:
  • Guitarama
  • The Kade Brown Trio’s cd Sierra.   
  • Simone and the Soothsayers - Pol recorded and played lead guitar on the Soothsayers’ album ‘Potion’, played bass and lead guitar on their  ‘New Mistake’ cd , and played lead guitar and bass on Simone’s solo album ‘Fall’ (on which Ken Vatcher played drums). Pol also co-wrote 4 songs on ‘New Mistake’.
  • The Cruel Sea
Pol plays live with many great local bands, including
Pol, we love your stuff, and can't wait for another opportunity to play some tunes with you - hurry back !

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