Peter Reid

A Dream - Drums
Always A Way - Writer, Drums
Away - Drums
Bar Beach Groove - Party Vocals
Big Car - No Shoes - Concept, Drums 
BiiK - Drums, Vision, Concept, Details
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me - Drums
Bureaucracy - Drums
Busted - Drums, Backing Vocals
But Mostly - Drums
City Man Blues  - Drums and Backing Vocals
Cold Black Heart - Drums
Coloured Lights - Drums

Destiny - Drums
DIY Salvation   - Writer, Vocals, Drums
Don’t Start Me Talking – Drums
Drag Queen - Drums
Every Night  - Drums
Feel The Beat - Drums
First Class Ticket - Drums
Forgot My Words - Drums 
Georgie - Drums 
Gone Too Soon - Drums
Got A Dance Song  - Drums, Vocals
Half Ling Jam - Drums
Hazy Ann - Drums
Hound Dog  - Drums
I Am   - Drums on all versions
If Only - Vocal, Drums, Writer
I’m Out There Somewhere  - Co-Writer, Vocals, Drums
Include Me - Drums
It Ain't Right - Drums
Just What The Doctor Ordered - Drums
Lifeline - Drums, Backing Vocals
Long Distance Lover  - Drums
Love and Laughter - Drums
Makes Me Wonder Why - Drums
Man In The Mirror  - Drums
Mama Told Me So - Drums
Mister Fixit - Drums
Mother Of Eternity - Drums
Nanny State Madness - Drums
Never Forget - Drums
One Step - Writer, Vocals, Drums
Out Here And Stranded - Drums
Paradiso - Drums
Petrichor - Drums
Red Dress - Drums
Rocking Pool - Drums
Safe Hands  - Drums
Shy and Retiring - Congas, Bongos  
Snake Oil - Drums
Something She Said - Drums
South Coast Dreamtime - Vocals, Drums
Summertime  - Drums
Take Me To Heart  - Drums
Technology   - Drums
Tell Me Honey - Drums
The Crystal Room  - Writer, Vocals, Drums
Pete started drumming, in Canberra,  at the ripe young age of 28. He was approached by friend and now PBGB Family Member Kevin Abbey, who asked Pete to join his hard working concept band ‘Sprunter’. Pete, bemused, explained that he had never played the drums and didn’t own a kit. “No matter” said Kev, “we’ll give you six months to prepare yourself”. True to form, six months later Pete fronted for his first gig, a support to Renee Geyer. No pressure there !

After three years working pubs and clubs with Kev’s band, Pete got a bit restless and as a side line, teamed up with some youngsters to form Canberra’s first punk band ‘Glass’.

When Pete drifted North to Crescent Head in the early 80s, he spotted a ready market for a compact band and dragged the guitarist from Glass up to Crescent. They found a talented young bass player and vocalist and kick started Glass  / Crystal Rock, a power pop trio that played all original material. Glass / Crystal Rock provided the opportunity to make a living from the music as it very quickly became the preferred support act for all the top name bands that used to regularly ply the North Coast.

Pete returned to Canberra in 1990 (with children in tow) and went back to ‘proper’ work by day, and back to Kevin’s bands by night. Again he grew restless with the clubs, pubs, cover scene, and after a couple of years Pete again ventured off.  This time he helped piece together ‘Blues In Progress’.  Blues In Progress played classic blues songs from the very early days right up to the present, telling the story of the history of the Blues along the way.

When Pete and Penny bought a block of land at Pambula around 2000, Pete and his cousin David kicked off PBGB.  That story, and it’s history can be read in the PBGB Blog Page ‘About PBGB’. Enjoy !

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