Neil Porter

  - Recording and Production
A Dream - Production
Always A Way - Guitars, Keyboards, Recording and Production 
Antarctica Recording and production - bass and slide guitar
At Last (Colleen Spillane) - Recording and Production
At Last (Mandy Siegel) - Recording and Production
Away - Bass, Organ, Production
Bar Beach Groove - Bass, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Production
Big Car - No Shoes - Writer, vocals, bass, guitar, B3 organ, engineer, production
BiiK - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Production, Ideas
Boozer Blues  Bass, Guitar, Production
Bureaucracy - Bass, production
Busted - Guitar
But Mostly - Production
Cold Black Heart - Writer, Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Coloured Lights - Bass, Production
DIY Salvation  Production, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, backing vocals
Don't Know Why - Production
Drag Queen - Bass, Recording, Production
Dust - recording, production
Every Night  - Bass, Lead Guitar, Production
  - Recording and Production
Feel The Beat - Vocal, bass, guitar solo, production, writer
Forgot My Words - Bass, production 
Georgie - Bass, Recording, Production 
God Bless The Child - Recording and Production
Gone Too Soon - Bass, Production
Goodnight - Production
Half Ling Jam - Bass
Happier Now - Production
Happy Go Lucky - Acoustic guitars, drums, Percussion, Production 
Hound Dog - Production, Bass
How Do Thousands? - Keyboards and Production 
I Am  Slide Guitar, Production
  - Recording and Production - "studio version"
I Am NEW - Production 
I Remember You - Recording and Production
If Only - Bass, Production
I’m Out There Somewhere  - Co-writer, Guitar, Production
Include Me - Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals, Production
Infidelity  - Guitar, Production
It Ain't Right - Production
Leavin' It All To The Dog - Rhythm Guitar
Lifeline - Guitar, Backing vocals, Production
Love and Laughter - Guitar, B3 Organ, Production
Madly Deeply - Production
Makes Me Wonder Why - Bass, Production
Mama Told Me So - Production
Man In The Mirror  - Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocal, Production
Mister Fixit - Production
Mother Of Eternity - Production
Nanny State Madness - Bass, Production
Never Forget - Bass Production
Never Give Up - Bass, Production
One Step - Guitars, Bass, Production
Our Love Is Here To Stay - Recording and Production
Out Here And Stranded - Writer, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Production
Paradiso - Production
Polka Dots and Moonbeams - Recording and Production
Rocking Pool - Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Production
Route 66 - Recording and production
Red Dress - Production
Safe Hands  - Writer, Guitar, Production
Saucepans In The Sky - Production
Sea Eagle Rock - Production
Shy and Retiring - Acoustic Guitar, Co-Arranger, Recording and Production
Snake Oil - Writer, Vocal, Guitars, Bass, Production
Something She Said - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Production
South Coast Dreamtime - Guitar, Bass, Production
Sugar - Bass, Production  
Summertime  Production
Take Me To Heart  Writer, Vocals, Guitar, Production
Technology  Guitar, Backing Vocals, Production
Tell Me Honey - Guitar, Production
The Crystal Room  Surf Guitar, Harp, Production
The Ute Broke Down - Bass, Production
Things Must Change  Writer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Production 
Tore Me Up - Guitar, Bass, Production
Triste - Recording and Production
Under The Southern Cross - Writer, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Production
 - Recording and Production
When Ya Gunna?  - Writer, Vocals, Bass, Production
While We're Here - Production
Who Do We Blame? - Production
Winter Clothes - Production
Wood You Like Chips With That? - Writer, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Production

 A long, long time ago - well before the wheel was invented - Neil started playing in gigging bands: first, a gentle outfit with Rob Hicks, Mal Goudie and Garry Goddard (don't think they ever had a band-name as such), followed by a quirky 3 piece jazz/rock outfit with Mal Goudie and Andy James on C3 Hammond called "Trident".  Getting more serious, Neil started playing bass in the Sydney northern beaches music scene with an acoustic band called Marastique (best known for recording the soundtrack to the surfing movie "Family Free"), moved to the city area to play some serious country-rock with The Rusty Dusty Brothers then played briefly with The Great Dividing Band before heading overseas on a "grand tour" of Europe.  

High points of this period included some recording for the ABC, weekend jams with members of Tully, Tamam Shud, Air Supply etc and playing a few gigs on bass with Tamam Shud while Peter B was having some RnR.  Shared the bill on occasion with: Tamam Shud, Richard Clapton, Foreday Riders, Split Enz, Don Burrows, Sun, Vella among others.  Ask Neil about the time Marastique was booked to support Frank Zappa at the Hordern Pavilliion on his 1973 tour :)

Moved to the South Coast and played with Louise Harnett in "Harnett's Chips" (better than it sounds) and in a bush band called "Stir The Possum".

Then there were 25 or so years of musical darkness ................. job, family, travel etc.

In 2005, Neil discovered GarageBand on his Mac and did a cover of a Marastique song which he posted at "MacJams".  130 original songs (and over 100 collaborations) later, Neil has become a fixture on MacJams, writing, playing, singing, recording and producing his own songs in his Pambula Beach "studio".  He enjoys  online collaborations with musicians from all over the world, one of which has resulted in a video - "Safe Hands".

Neil has released five CDs of his own music. 
New CD released January 2017:

With PBGB (which he joined in 2008), he plays bass, guitars, harmonica and sings , as well as doing the lion's share of recording and production of PBGB tunes in "The Shed".  

Neil is currently developing a 5-piece funk/soul/RnB band called "Skwiddink" - a much longer, slower process than anticipated - watch this space :)

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