Mandy Siegel

At Last - vocal
God Bless The Child - vocal

Out Here And Stranded - Vocal 

Mandy Siegel is a seasoned songwriter, vocalist and guitarist.

Mandy left Melbourne with her guitar in tow,  for a backpacking / busking year long  tour of the globe, when she was just 19.

On her return to Australia Mandy started composing songs with her friend Aram Cargill, guitarist with ‘The Offcutts.

Mandy and Adam went on to form the funky hip hop band ‘New World Souls.

In 2001 Mandy created an Aussie Gangsta Rapper alter ego who she called Muthaf*cker MC.  Muthaf*cka MC toured the USA and Canada, and performed at Melbourne’s Big Day Out in 2001 and 2006.

Muthaf*cka MC is having a long sleep right now, while Mandy returns to writing songs of a more acoustic/soulful nature.

In late 2012 Mandy upped stumps and moved from Melbourne to Merimbula, where she has already begun to impress audiences. Mandy will no doubt  become a sought after performer on the local gig circuit.

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