Lyndon Lewis

Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives ToMe  Guitar
Happy Go Lucky - Guitar 

Hound Dog  Guitar
Lifeline - Guitar
I Am  Guitar
I’m Out There Somewhere  Guitar
Long Distance Lover  Guitar, Production
Summertime  Guitar

Dateline early April 2011 -  Lyndon popped into The Shed to check it out.   Just happened to have his guitar in his car.  Dragged it out, plugged it in, fired it up.

Since then, Lyndon has become a very welcome regular in The Shed.

Most of Lyndon’s musical background has been focussed on 50s rock and roll, with more than a slight nod of the head to The Shadows thrown in for good measure.

Lyndon has been boss man of Shadoogie - for over two decades, and in fact shifted Shadoogie’s home base to Merimbula when he and Kerry relocated from Melbourne  in early 2009.

Lyndon is working hard to firmly establish  an annual  Merimbula Rock and Roll and Hot Rod Festival.  He kicked it off in 2010, followed through in 2011, and things are looking good for 2012.

The essentially ‘all original material’ basis of PBGB is a sidestep for Lyndon.  It has been very interesting to watch and listen as he gets his head around our material.  Lyndon’s analytical approach and eye for quality and detail bring a very welcome discipline to the way we approach our songs.  His style adds a totally new dimension to our music - his guitars make Gus and Neil drool.  We are looking forward to hearing  how our songs morph  as Lyndon continues to influence our sound.  

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