Kevin Breeze

Safe Hands  Bass
Stormy Monday  Bass

In July 2011 we spotted an ad in the local rag.........’Mature age bass player looking for people to play music with’.

As bass players have always been the rarest of  species in The Shed, we rang, and it wasn’t long before we had met Kev, heard him play, and welcomed him with open arms.

Kev is a great bass player, who listens to and thinks carefully about the songs in question, then nails them down with a solid, on the money bass line.

Kev grew up in the Southern suburbs of Sydney (turns out he and Neil went to the same school), and played with a few bands up there, before moving down this way around 2003. After Kev arrived in The Shed, Lyndon spotted him, and recruited him for bass duties in Lyndon’s Shadoogie 50’s band.

So Kev is now a regular in The Shed and the resident bass player in Shadoogie.  Kev’s ad turned out to be pretty good value !

We are delighted to have Kev with us – he is a great guy and a solid player, right in the pocket every time.  Mr. Dependable.

Thanks for coming Kev !  Hang in.

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